ALBANIA / 8 MIN. / 2018 / DRAMEDY / DCP 2K / 1.85:1 / COLOR / DOLBY 5.1

Subtitles available: English, Italian, Spanish
Albania, 2018. A couple decides to get married but clashes with a – not so – old tradition: the mother-in-law wants to be present during first wedding night. Voyeurism? Not at all, the woman “just” wants to be sure about the virginity of the bride.
Albania, 2018. Una coppia decide di sposarsi ma si scontrerà con una vecchia tradizione che in realtà vecchia non è: la madre dello sposo vuole essere presente alla prima notte di nozze della coppia. Voyerismo? No, la donna è lì “solo” per assicurarsi che la sposa sia vergine.


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Festivals & Awards

  • Cine Fern Film Award 2020 – winner Best Women Filmmaker’s Film, March Edition
  • Top Indie Film Awards (Japan, 2020) – winner Best Message & Best Original Idea 
  • Scrittura e Immagine . Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio  – Premi Flaiano (Italy, 2019)
  • NYC Shorts of all Sorts “Directed by Women” (USA, 2019) – Semifinalist
  • GENERIcamente UMANI 2020 (Italy, 2020)
  • Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio Pescara (Italy, 2019)
  • Pop Cort (Italy, 2019)

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Italian Distributor: Artex Film

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Anila Balla, Lorin Terezi, Rita Gjeka

written by

Roberto Tomeo, Elena Beatrice, Daniele Lince

directed by

Elena Beatrice, Daniele Lince


Elena Beatrice, Daniele Lince, Ajola Daja

production company

Beatrice/Lince, AR Production


Elton Dardha, Erald Deda

film editor

Daniele Lince

sound designer

Simone Lampedone

festival distribution

Prem1ere Film

world sales


director's bio

Elena Beatrice and Daniele Lince are an Italian film director and screenwriter team. They believe that stories can change the world: their mission is to find the best way to tell them. Among their works there are "Fulmini e Saette" (eng. title: "Thunderbolts and Lightning Strikes"), a short film starring Carolina Crescentini in the role of a superheroine, "Monster Sitter", a short mockumentary about the daily life of the caretaker of a lake monster, and "Get Big", a feature documentary about Ultimate Frisbee, now on Amazon Prime.