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Not for money, not for love, not for nothing


Subtitles available: English, Spanish, Italian
In the underground world of money and sex, this emotionally engaging documentary gives rare insight into the reflective personal struggle of sex workers. Using animation for anonymity, real questions are deliberated by real women, sharing their real stories. 
En un mundo de dinero y sexo, este conmovedor documental da luz a determinadas problemáticas personales que sufren las trabajadoras sexuales. Usando animación para mantener el anonimato de las entrevistadas, preguntas reales están tratadas por mujeres reales, que comparten su historia.

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Festivals & Awards
  • Wales International Film Festival (UK, 2020)
  • Wimbledon Shorts Film Festival (UK, 2020) – winner Best Animation
  • Women X (UK, 2020)
  • Factual Animation Festival (UK, 2020) – winner
  • Cardiff International Film Festival (UK, 2020)
  • Worcester Film Festival (UK, 2020)
  • London International Documentary Film Festival (UK, 2020)  – BAFTA Qualifying Festival
  • Independent Film Awards – Bristol (UK, 2021)
  • British Animation Film Festival (UK, 2021)
  • Santiago del Estero Film Festival (Argentina, 2021)
  • Festival Internacional de Cine por los Derechos Humanos – Sucre (Bolivia, 2020)
  • Woman Scream Film Festival (Dominican Republic, 2021)
  • Turku Animation Film Festival (Finland, 2021)
  • British Shorts Filmfestival (Germany, 2021)
  • Patmos Cinema Festival (Greece, 2021)
  • Officine Social Movie Film Festival (Italy, 2020)
  • Sole Luna Doc Film Festival (Italy, 2021)
  • Venice Intercultural Film Festival (Italy, 2021)
  • ANIMAPHIX International Animated Film Festival (Italy, 2021)
  • Anibar International Animation Festival  (Kosovo, 2021)
  • Macau Short International Film Festival (Macao, 2020)
  • One Step Film Forum (Myanmar, 2020)
  • Warsaw Animation Festival (Poland, 2020)
  • Rising of Lusitania – Animadoc Film Festival (Poland, 2021)
  • Imprópria Film Festival (Portugal, 2020)
  • International Short Film Festival – Short Form (Serbia, 2021)
  • Kino Otok Film Festival (Slovenia, 2020)
  • Animatou, International Animation Festival Geneve (Switzerland, 2021)
  • International 2 Sides Short Film Festival (Turkey, 2020)
  • Canlandıranlar Film Festival (Turkey, 2020)

Reviews and Interviews

  • Review by Anna’s not There: ‘Using animation for anonymity was so clever, and the animation and colours used, in my opinion, were perfect in helping to tell the story but in a way that didn’t seem too dark and scary. It allowed the women to be people, for us to see them in a fair light, rather than pushing us to assume the worst. Animated by Ola Szmida, I really loved this whimsical feeling style paired with the words of the women, and I think it worked really well’.


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written and directed by

John Robert Lee


Christine Patterson


Ola Szmida

sound design

Jonathan Mason, Vytautas Franukevicius

original music

Vytautas Franukevicius, Simas Okas

distribution & world sales


director's bio

John Robert Lee is the co-founder and director at Zebra Stripe Films. Born in Hampshire in 1992 and passionate about humanity, John went on to gain a degree in Documentary Film and Television from the acclaimed Newport Film School, Wales. Not For Money, Not For Love, Not For Nothing is a documentary in which the director wishes to examine real stories of loneliness, discretion, power, and control, from a variety of first hand opinions and vulnerable experiences. The diverse roles of the women in the documentary include an outreach worker, a brothel madame and individual sex workers, allowing for a self reflective space and an introspective sharing about a major element in all of their lives. With an ambition to tell more stories centred around complex situations, the director is a filmmaker who is driven by the beauty of humanity and the fragility of their experiences.