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Mud Road


Subtitles available: English, Italian, Spanish, French


In South Ethiopia, an ambulance’s driver has to bring a young lady to the hospital for delivery, but the nearest one is 300 Km far from the village. It’s a long journey along a road full of mud.
En el Sur de Etiopía, el conductor de una ambulancia lleva a una joven al hospital para que dé a luz. Pero el hospital más cercano es a 300km desde su pueblo. Un viaje largo y un camino lleno de fango

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Festivals & Awards
  • Ji.hlava Film Festival (Czech Republic, 2019) – OSCAR® Qualifying festival
  • Asti Film Festival (Italy, 2019)
  • Intimalente Film Festival (Italy, 2019)
  • FaitoDoc Festival (Italy, 2020)
  • 8º Festival dei Corti (Italy, 2020)
  • Capodarco Film Festival (Italy, 2020)
  • Visioni Corte International Film Festival (Italy, 2020)
  • FESCAAAL (Italy, 2021)
  • Festival Trofeo La Lanterna (Italy, 2021)
  • Festival Internacional de Cine por los Derechos Humanos (Bolivia, 2020)
  • Annual Aarhus Film Festival (Denmark, 2020)
  • Parnü Film Festival (Estonia, 2020)
  • FIPADOC (France, 2020)
  • ONE Country ONE Film (France, 2020)
  • 16th International Short Film Festival Detmold (Germany, 2020)
  • 17th PROVINZIALE –  Filmfest Eberswalde (Germany, 2020)
  • Macau International Short Film Festival (Macao, 2020)
  • DOCFEED (Netherlands, 2020)
  • iRepresent International Documentary Film Festival (Nigeria, 2020)
  • Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer (Russia, 2020)
  • International Film Festival ETNOFILM ČADCA 2020 (Slovakia, 2020)
  • Girona Film Festival (Spain, 2020)
  • APHA Public Health Film Festival (UK,2020) – winner Honorable Mention
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written and directed by

Francesco De Giorgi


Francesco De Giorgi


Francesco De Giorgi

sound designer

Tommaso Barbaro

film editor

Giovani Iavarone

distribution & world sales


director bio's

Francesco De Giorgi was born in Copertino, Italy. He studied Cinema at the University Roma Tre in Rome and Film Direction and Production at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografía., the most important Film School in Italy. Thanks to the school, he had the opportunity to work in lots of professional film sets. Now, he works as a freelance filmmaker for ADV productions and agencies and TV companies. He usually works for commercials, branded contents and web videos.