Last Date

GERMANY / 13 MIN. / 2020 / FICTION / DCP 2K / 2.39:1 / STEREO / COLOR

Subtitles available: English, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish
Charlotte is ready to meet her handsome and successful match, but Alexander turns out to be a different man than she first thought. The charming woman needs to take the situation in her own hands to escape the possessive psychopath. In the game of fading identities, the question is: who is who?  
Charlotte está lista para conocer a su exitosa cita, pero Alexander resulta ser un hombre diferente de lo que se esperaba. La seductora mujer necesita tomar las riendas de la situación para poder escapar del psicópata. En el juego de esconder su identidad, la pregunta es, quién es quién?

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Festivals & Awards

  • San Gió Verona Video Festival (Italy, 2020)
  • La Tuscia dei Corti Viventi (Italy, 2021)
  • Asti Film Festival (Italy, 2020) – winner Best Actor, Best Actress
  • Via dei Corti Film Festival (Italy, 2020)
  • Francigena Film Festival (Italy, 2021)
  • Dolomitale Festival (Italy, 2021)
  • Fi Pi Li Horror Film Festival (Italy, 2021)
  • Festival Cine Horror (Brazil, 2020)
  • Kill Valentine Film Festival (France, 2021) – winner Best Thriller
  • International Kolkata Short Film Festival 2021 (India, 2021)
  • Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival (Ireland, 2020)
  • African International Horror Film Festival (Nigeria, 2021)
  • Women in Film Festival (Pakistan, 2021)

Director’s Motivation

Storytelling is for me both a passion and a fascination. We as humans initially tell stories to connect and grow together. With this film I am telling a story that is partly based on a true real life experience but at the same time it is also exploring the effects of storytelling when building relationships and trust.
Relationships. We spend hours, months, years looking for a partner – and with today’s technology the searching options are countless. Smartphone. Every third person in the world owns one (, and with every profile created in whichever app, there is the possibility to present oneself however they want – no matter if it is the truth or not.
Over 50% of an American survey admitted that they have lied on their profile, so how can we truly be sure that we know who we are meeting when the step finally is taken to meet face to face. Texting and sending images does not allow you to really get to know a person, but desperately enough, we tend to see and believe what we want – what we need.
Our goal is to give the viewers a short film to debate, to think about and give their own interpretation. A story that will go beyond the end credits, and to give the audience something to reflect on. Considering the potential global outreach, we aim to tour festivals worldwide, to throw the audience into a bundle of feelings composed of excitement, fear, discomfort and uncertainty.

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Hannah Prasse, Joel Cederberg, Max Ludolf, Richard Gonlag

written by

Marielle Sjømo Samstad, Christian Passeri

directed by

Marielle Sjømo Samstad

produced by

Marielle Sjømo Samstad, Christian Passeri


Christian Passeri

film editor

Nuno Martini

sound designer

Michail Loginov


Luca Dalmasso

distribution & world sales


director's bio

Marielle Sjømo Samstad (Trondheim, Norway, 1991) ,studied film Techniques and Technology in Kentucky. After this experience Marielle explored Berlin and Documentary filmmaking at the Met Film School Berlin in 2016. By seeking knowledge in different crew positions on various projects she quickly found her love in directing and creative filmmaking. Despite her Norwegian origin, Berlin has become her playground for development and creativity. The love for writing, poetry and music adds to her ideas of storytelling and with LAST DATE she increased her interest in exploring real life themes and issues.