Dorsia – still frame


ITALY / 12 MIN. / 2020 / FICTION / DCP 2K / 2.43:1 / STEREO / COLOR
Subtitles available: English, Italian, Spanish, Deutsch
A promising youngster, Davide, finally has an invitation for the most glamorous club in the city and the most exclusive event of the season, Dorsia. However, due to an error on the list he will be rejected by the bouncer. He embarks on a series of attempts to get inside. Through a mosaic of encounters with typical characters of the night’s scene and his continuous failings, his well constructed mask of charisma will fall, showing a different face beneath it. 
Un Rampollo pieno di sé dovrà escogitare un modo per entrare all’evento più esclusivo della stagione notturna dopo che il suo invito è stato rifiutato dal buttafuori.   

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Festivals & Awards

  • Castelli Romani Film Festival Internazionale (Italy, 2020)
  • Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno (Italy, 2020)
  • Asti Film Festival (Italy, 2020) – winner Best Director
  • BCT – Festival Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione – Città di Benevento (Italy, 2021)
  • One Take Film Festival (Croatia, 2020)
  • International Short Film Festival – Short Form (Serbia, 2021)
  • One Shot Terrassa City of Film (Spain, 2020)
  • Lonely Wolf Film Festival (United Kingdom, 2020) – Finalist

Press & Reviews

  • ‘Through his glamorous vignette and methodological approach Fasulo offers commentary on societal elitism and narcissism, and how a simple misstep can find you marginalised and cast away to a point of no return. Why is it we seek such vile membership so ferociously? This is one of Dorsia’s many secrets. Chapó Federico Fasulo.’ – by Adrian Perez
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Sebastian Balzarolo, Arash Roudakifar, Pietro De Nova, Monica Turri, Ginevra Fenati

written and directed by

Federico Fasulo


Giulia Dadamo


Nello Giordano

film editor

Davide Morando

sound design

Gabriele Cardullo

original music

Valentino Nicastro

distribution & world sales


director's bio

Federico Fasulo is a young director and screenwriter born and raised in Milan. Ever since his early teens he’s been passionate about telling stories, be this through writing, short videos, or Lego constructions. He’s always been attracted to the subcutaneous vibrations of psychological thrillers, of subversive horror and by dark comedies. His three short films, ART FOR ART’S LOVE shot as graduation project at the Met Film School in 2016, WILL THERE BE ENOUGH WATER? and DORSIA reflect exactly such atmospheres. After his studies at the Met Film School Berlin and the Scuola Mohole, Federico has also worked as a screenwriter and 1st AD for FULMINI E SAETTE, a short film developed in collaboration with Officine and awarded Best Short Film at Cortolovere Festival. Federico’s interest in art is accompanied by the one for philosophy, which he is currently studying at the Università degli Studi di Milano and the University of Oslo.