BRAZIL / 25 MIN / 2020 / FICTION / DCP 2K / 2.35:1 / DOLBY 5.1 / COLOR
Subtitles available: English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish
Camila is passionate about fashion and counterculture, on a night out with her roommate Chris, she meets the beautiful Anisha, who lives in a squat in Berlin. Camila rekindles her dream and begins planning to move to Germany. She reveals her idea to Chris and sees their relationship tumbles.

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Festivals & Awards
  • 31st São Paulo International Short Film Festival (Brazil, 2020)
  • Semana da diversidade em Santa Catarina (Brazil, 2021)
  • PrideFLIX (United States of America, 2021)
  • Festival Internacional de Cine LesBiGayTrans (Paraguay, 2021)
  • Long Beach QFilm (United States of America, 2021)
  • qFlix Philadelphia Film Festival (United States of America, 2021)
  • Crossroads Short Film Festival (Turkey, 2021)
  • Mostra Femenimo Plural – 15th For Rainbow Festival (Brazil, 2021)
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directed and produced by

written by

Juliana Pfeifer, Vera Egito

production company

assistant director

Hanna Bergfors

1st AD

Ivi Vitoriano


Idê Magno

line producer

Bruna Schroeder


Janice d'Avila

art director

Mariana Maurer


Camila Caldas

make up

Alessandra Schnabel


Beatriz Pomar

sound design

Ricardo Zollner

original music

Jay Whitaker

sound technician

Isadora Torres

color grading

Samanta do Amaral

distribution and world sales

juliana's bio

Juliana Pfeifer, was born on 15th of april of 1977, in Limeira, São Paulo, Brazil. At first I studied Social Sciences and later got a degree in visual arts at UNICAMP / SP. My career began as a scenographer and costume designer for theater. I got involved in film production as Art Director and Art Producer for shorts, feature films and TV series. Nowadays I pursue my career as film director. My first film “Hardly got there..” was selected for the 67th Festival of Cannes - Short Film Corner. Living between Campinas and Berlin, I wrote three stories about brazilian women who migrated there. In the end of 2018 I got funding to develop these ideas and the project became a trilogy comprising two short films and a feature one. In 2019 I raised the funding for the first short, “Ocupa”, that premiered August 24th at the 31st São Paulo International Short Film Festival. Currently I am fundraising for the second short ,“Where are you?”, and writing the feature’s second draft "I won't be back".