La Foto Perfetta

The Perfect Photograph

ITALY / 11 MIN / 2021 / FICTION / DCP 2K / 16:9 / STEREO / COLOR
Subtitles available: English, Spanish
Amanda wishes to bring her family together by taking a picture, and she wants everything to be perfect. On the big day, everything seems to fall apart, questioning herself: is there such thing as perfection?
Amanda riunisce la sua famiglia per scattare una foto. Mira a uno scatto perfetto, ma tutto sembra andare a rotoli. Esiste la perfezione?


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Festivals & Awards
  • Asti International Film Festival (Italy, 2021) – World Premiere
  • South Italy International Film Festival (Italy, 2022)
  • Cortinametraggio (Italy, 2022)
  • BCT – Festival Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione (Italy, 2022)
  • Ortigia Film Festival (Italy, 2022)
  • SanGio Verona Video Festival (Italy, 2022)
  • Ciak Film Festival (Italy, 2022)
  • Aprilia Film Festival (Italy, 2022)
  • Cuneo Film Festival (Italy, 2022)
  • Molise Cinema Film Festival (Italy, 2022)
  • Villammare Festival Film&Friends (Italy, 2022)
  • Festival del Cinema Italiano di Milazzo (Italy, 2022)
  • Giro del mondo in 80 corti (Italy, 2022)
  • Amarcort Film Festival (Italy, 2022)
  • DEA Open Air International Film Festival (Albania, 2022)
  • Dhaka International Film Festival (Bangladesh, 2022)
  • EU Short Film Festival (Canada, 2022)
  • La.Meko Kurzfilmfestival (Germany, 2022)
  • Italian Film Festival USA (USA, 2022)
  • Los Angeles, Italia Film Festival (USA, 2022)
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Silvia Cohen, Giovanna D'Angi, Anna Ferzetti, Francesco Meola, Renato Sarti

directed by

Eleonora Mozzi

written by

Marta Sappa

produced by

Alessandra Rosso

executive producer

Tapeless Film

1st AD

Alessandro Panzolli

cinematography by

Asia Sbrugnera

art direction by

Silvio Soldini

costumes by

Alessandra Rosso


Luisa Ruggiero, Valentina Marzona

editing by

Andriy Odlyvanyy

sound design

Luca Fois

original music

Luca Fois (music), Francesco Falsiroli (drums)

festival distribution & world sales

Italian Distributor

CG Entertainment

eleonora's bio

Born and raised in Italy, after graduating in Communication she lived in France, UK, and USA, where she worked for the American Film Institute. After completing his career at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, he begins to work as a director for cinema and advertising