Campo Minato


ITALY / 10 MIN. / 2019 / FICTION / HD / 16:9 / STEREO / BW

Subtitles available: English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish
An unknown war. A probably mined field separates two soldiers from the shelter offered by a church. The deadlock becomes an opportunity to reflect on life and to face the past.
Un conflitto imprecisato. Un campo probabilmente minato separa due soldati dal riparo offerto da una chiesa. La situazione di stallo diventa l’occasione per riflettere sulla vita ed affrontare il passato.
Una guerra desconocida. Un probable campo minado que separa dos soldados del refugio ofrecido por una Iglesia. La situación se transforma en una oportunidad para reflexionar sobre la vida y enfrentar los conflictos del pasado.

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Festivals & Awards

  • Sguardi – Serata di Cinema Indipendente Europeo (Italy, 2019)
  • San Gio Verona Video Festival (Italy, 2019)
  • Wales Independent Film Festival (UK, 2019) – winner Best Faith Film
  • Hollywood Divine Film Festival (USA, 2019)
  • Dhaka International Film Festival (Bangladesh, 2020)
  • Festival Trofeo La Lanterna (Italy, 2021)
  • Christian Family Film Festival (USA, 2020) – winner Best Foreign Short Film
  • Great Lakes Christian Film Festival (USA, 2020)
  • Christian Film Festival (USA, 2020) – winner Best Foreign Film/Best Costumes & Props
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Lorenzo Ferrari, Michele Bellio

written by

Michele Bellio, Lorenzo Ferrari, Michele Odorizzi

directed by

Michele Bellio


Associazione Culturale Sguardi, Lanterna Magica s.n.c. di Bellio Michele e C.


Wlady Avanzo

art director

Sara Covi

film editor

Michele Bellio

sound designer

Massimo Faes

original music

Massimo Faes

distribution & world sales


director's bio

Michele Bellio was born in Cles (TN - Italy) in 1985. Always keen on cinema, he graduated in Art Techniques of Performing Arts in Venice and later obtained a master's degree in Film Events at Università Cattolica of Sacro Cuore in Milan. He specializes in Audiovisual and Multimedial Representation at the University of Turin. In 2006 he founded as the president the Sguardi Cultural Association, with which he organizes the annual European Independent Short Film Night, now working on the 14th edition. Cinema history teacher, videomaker and documentary filmmaker, he works with various agencies and organizes workshops in schools. Since 2011 he is the manager of the Cinema Teatro of Cles and from 2018 also of the two cinemas of Predaia municipality. He's the owner and manager of the Lanterna Magica movie themed cafè in Cles. With his short film "Mystical Crisis" he won several awards in many film festivals around the world.