Get Big

ITALY / 70′ & 24′ /2018 / DOCUMENTARY / DCP 2K / 1.85:1 / DOLBY 5.1 / COLOR

Subtitles available: English, Italian, Spanish
Get Big is a documentary about Ultimate. A team sport played with a flying disc. It was born in American counterculture at the end of the 60s. Now it is played all over the world and it is founded on fair play and Spirit of the Game. There is no referee and players call their own fouls. Following Beefree, a team from Turin, we‘ll find out about a game that could teach us a lot. Will Beefree be able to maintain the balance between the soul of Ultimate and the desire to win?
Get Big es el primer largometraje italiano dedicado a Ultimate.
Ultimate es un deporte de equipo que se juega con el frisbee. Nace en USA a fines de los años 60. Actualmente se juega en todo el mundo y se basa en el espíritu del juevg, un mix entre auto-arbitraje, deportividad, respeto de las reglas y del adversario. No existe un árbitro, y los jugadores son responsables de sus propias acciones. Descubriremos este mundo siguiendo a Beefree, el equipo de Turín. Las reglas del juego son claras, pero cómo mantener el equilibrio entre el deseo de ganar y el espíritu de juego?

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Festivals & Awards

  • Sport Film Festival – winner Special Prize 
  • Overtime Film Festival – winner Pindaro Award
  • Bristol Independent Film Festival

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written, directed and produced by

Elena Beatrice, Daniele Lince


Elena Beatrice, Daniele Lince

sound designer

Simone Lampedone


Simone Lampedone

digital distributor

Under the Milky Way

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director's bio

Elena Beatrice and Daniele Lince are directors and screenwriters. They believe that stories can change the world: their mission is to find the best way to tell them. Among their works there are "Fulmini e Saette", a short film starring Carolina Crescentini in the role of a superheroine, "Monster Sitter", a mockumentary about daily life of the caretaker of a Lake Monster, and "Get Big", a feature documentary about Ultimate Frisbee.