Get Big

ITALY / 70 MIN., 52 MIN. & 24 MIN. /2018 / DOCUMENTARY / DCP 2K / 1.85:1 / DOLBY 5.1 / COLOR

Subtitles available: English, Italian, Spanish
Hipólito Vázquez is an old talent’s scout that with Cholo, his loyal partner, is looking for a little child who is supposed to “do magic with the football”. Therefore they go on a long journey to the distant Club “La Camelia” following the advices of a mysterious man. But as the trip goes by, not everything goes as planned and maybe what he ends up discovering was not exactly what he expected to find. 
Hipólito Vázquez es un viejo buscador de talentos que, junto a su fiel escudero Cholo, está en la búsqueda de un niño del que aseguran “es capaz de hacer magia con el balón”. Con tal fin emprende un viaje hacia el club “La Camelia” en un paraje remoto. Siguiendo los consejos de un misterioso hombre, se relaciona con diversos personajes en pos de su objetivo. Pero las cosas no siempre son lo que parecen, y, quizás, aquello que encuentre no sea exactamente lo que esperaba.

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Festivals & Awards

  • Sport Film Festival – winner Special Prize 
  • Overtime Film Festival – winner Pindaro Award
  • Bristol Independent Film Festival

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written, directed and produced by

Elena Beatrice, Daniele Lince


Elena Beatrice, Daniele Lince

sound designer

Simone Lampedone


Simone Lampedone

digital distributor

Under the Milky Way

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director's bio

Elena Beatrice and Daniele Lince are directors and screenwriters. They believe that stories can change the world: their mission is to find the best way to tell them. Among their works there are "Fulmini e Saette", a short film starring Carolina Crescentini in the role of a superheroine, "Monster Sitter", a mockumentary about daily life of the caretaker of a Lake Monster, and "Get Big", a feature documentary about Ultimate Frisbee.