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Subtitles available: English
Bailabilonia goes through a city full of visual and social contrasts. What’s ours and what comes from outside, live together  in a total diversity of body languages.This documentary video dance film accompanies dancer’s everyday’s life, their rehearsals and the performance on a public space. That is when diversity mixes up and offers itself to the others, like a unique dance, like a unique landscape.
Bailabilonia recorre una ciudad plagada de contrastes visuales y sociales; lo nuestro, lo de afuera y la multiplicidad de lenguajes corporales.
Este videodanza documental acompaña el camino de los bailarines, el ensayo y la posterior presentación de la obra en un espacio público.
Allí la diversidad se integra y se ofrece al otro, en una misma danza, en un mismo paisaje.

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Festivals & Awards

  • FESANCOR (Chile, 2016)
  • UNCIPAR (Argentina, 2017)
  • Festival Internacional de VideoDanza BA (Argentina, 2017)
  • Muestra DOCA (Argentina, 2016)
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Bailabilonia, Poster, Short film, ShortsFit, ShortsFit Distribucion, distribucion de cortos


Combinado Argentino de Danza

written, directed and produced by

Silvina Estévez


Nicolás Pittaluga

sound designer

Martín Vaisman


Maximiliano Padin, Villa Diamante, Milo Moya, Pato Smink, Sebastian Schaztel, James Wright

director's bio

Silvina Estévez is a young filmmaker from Argentina. Her first audiovisual experiences were at Buenos Aires on 2009 while working as a photographer at the film "Solos en la ciudad" directed by Diego Corsini. On 2010 she developed as director's first assistant on the feature film "The Italian key" directed by the finnish Rosa Karo. On 2013 she collaborated with many choreographers making video-dance movies that where screened in many urban spaces. On 2014 she writes and directs her first documentary feature film called "Escuela Vida" with the support of INCAA, Argentinian National Institute of Cinema . On 2015 she shooted Bailabilonia, a documentary video-dance medium length movie with the support of PRODANZA. By the end of that year she directs a fiction short movie called "Santa María de los Buenos Aires", an ambitious project with the participation of her aunt, the famous actress Ines Estevez, and the support of patronage. Nowadays, Silvina is working on the post-production of her first feature film.