The Mourners: Il Metodo Marcy

The Mourners

ITALY / 13 MIN / 2014 / FICTION / HD / 2.35:1 / STEREO / COLOR

Subtitles available: English, Spanish
On the gravel bed of a river, two friends are trying to catch some fishes. Meanwhile, in a damp cellar, some people – obsessed by their appearance – get familiar with a new way to get a perfect body: the Marcy Method!
En un claro junto al río, dos amigos pescan. Mientras tanto, en una cripta, algunas personas obsesionadas con su apariencia, conocen un nuevo método para obtener un cuerpo perfecto: El método Marcy.

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Festivals & Awards
  • Digital Griffix Online Film Festival (Canada, 2015)
  • Roma Cinema Doc (Italy, 2015) – winner Best Director, Best Film and Best Editing
  • Salento Finibus Terrae Film Festival (Italy, 2014)
  • Corto Movie Festival Torino (Italy, 2015) – Special Mention of the Jury
  • Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest (Romania, 2016)
  • 12 Months Film Festival (Romania, 2015)
  • Ouchy Film Awards (Switzerland, 2016)
  • ShortPole London Int’l Film Festival (UK, 2016) – winner Best Editing
  • Short Stop International Film Festival (UK, 2016) – winner Best Editing
  • Feel the Reel International Film Festival (UK, 2016) – winner Best editing
  • Bloodstained Indie Film Festival (USA, 2016)
  • Industry Boost Competition (USA, 2016)
  • The Monthly Film Festival (USA, 2015) – winner Best Film and Best Screenplay
  • Fright Night Film Fest (USA, 2015) – winner Best Foreign Slasher Shorts Film, Best foreign Slasher Short Film
  • Rugged Phoenix Underground Film Festival (USA, 2015) – winner Best Screenplay
  • Terror Film Festival (USA, 2014)
  • Los Angeles CineFest (USA, 2015)
  • Ozark Shorts Film Festival 2016
  • Top Indie Film Awards 2016 – winner Best Cinematography
  • Paura Festival Internacional de Cine de Terror (Spain, 2017)
  • Best Film Awards (Romania, 2017)
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Stewart Arnold, Andrea Vasone, Gabriele Bocchio

written by

Roberto Tomeo

directed by

Daniele Lince


Daniele Lince, Roberto Tomeo, Gabriele Bocchio, Andrea Morgando


Alessio Balza, Daniele Torti

art direction

Francesca Mazzarello

film editor

Daniele Lince, Roberto Tomeo

sound design

Simone Lampedone


Theta Sound, Simone Lampedone, Guillaumen Cochard-Lemoine, Saelynh, SaReGaMa, Akashic Records

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director's bio

Daniele Lince is a film director, screenwriter, and editor. He graduated in Film Directing at the SDAC (Genoa). He believes in the power of stories and his goal is to find the best way to tell them. Based in Turin (Italy), he works on movie projects, commercials, and music videos. Since 2016 he has worked with his wife Elena Beatrice as director/screenwriter duo. Among his short films there are "Fulmini e Saette" (eng. title: "Thunderbolts and Lightning Strikes"), starring Carolina Crescentini in the role of a superheroine, "Monster Sitter", a mockumentary about the daily life of the caretaker of a lake monster, "Il ragazzo che smise di respirare" (eng. title: "The Boy Who Stopped Breathing") about the bizarre plan of a boy who wants to save himself from pollution, and ''Il Metodo Marcy'' (eng. title: "The Mourners"), a thriller about the obsession with physical appearance. In 2018 he produced and directed "Get Big", a feature documentary about Ultimate Frisbee, now on Amazon Prime.