the birthday, shortsfit distribucion
the birthday, shortsfit distribucion
the birthday, shortsfit distribucion

The Birthday

GERMANY / 16 MIN / 2015 / FICTION / LGBT / HD / 1.66:1 / DOLBY 5.1 / COLOR

Spoken in Mandarin.
Subtitles available: English, German, Italian, Spanish
Inspired by the love poem ”A Birthday,” by Christina Rossetti, the film takes place close to the Birthday of Ron, a nineteen-years-old girl who is deeply in love with May, her best friend. A short time after Ron moves from Taipei, May decides to join her in Berlin.The love between them is strong but contrasting: Ron doesn’t openly tell May her feelings but May is conscious of what she represents to her friend.
Inspirado en el poema de amor “El cumpleaños” de Christina Rossetti. Se aproxima el cumpleaños de Ron, una joven de 19 años profundamente enamorada de su mejor amiga. Ron se muda de Taipei a Berlin y May decide unirse a ella. El amor entre ambas es fuerte y contrastante: Ron no dice abiertamente sus sentimientos, pero May es conciente de lo que representa para su amiga.

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Festivals & Awards

  • TGLFF, Turin (Italy, 2015)
  • ShanghaiPride (China, 2015)
  • Frameline (USA, 2015)
  • Cinemadamare (Italy, 2015)
  • Libercine (Argentina, 2015)
  • MicGenero (Mexico, 2015)
  • Outwest Film Fest (USA, 2015)
  • Bejing Queer Film Festival (China, 2015)
  • Rencontres des cinemas d’europe (France, 2015)
  • Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg (Germany, 2015)
  • Queer-Streifen Festival (Germany, 2015)
  • El Lugar sin limites (Ecuador, 2015)
  • Ljubjana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Slovenja, 2015)
  • Sardinia Queer Festival (Italy, 2015)
  • Ackerstadt Palast (Germany, 2015)
  • Boddinale, Loophole (Germany, 2016)
  • Río Gender & Sexuality Film Festival (Brazil. 2016)
  • Mix Mexico (Mexico, 2016)
  • LesBiGayTrans Festival Internacional de Cine (Paraguay, 2016)
  • Femart Festival (Kosovo, 2016)
  • Arthub Asia (China, 2016)
  • CreActive International Film Festival (Bangladesh, 2016)
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Vivian Jung Chang, Yung-Ching Chiu

written and directed by

Daniela Lucato


Daniela Lucato


Fàbio Mota

art director

Daniela Lucato

film editor

Daniela Lucato

sound designer

Jacopo Vannini/Kolloagency


Miss Natasha Enquist - Lost brand - Edwina & Deko - Bias - GolemInLove

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director's bio

Daniela Lucato (1977, Italy) started studying acting in Padua parallel to her studies at the university. After her degree in Philosophy with an anthropological thesis on contemporary dance, she moved to Rome, Wellington and finally Berlin. In 2013 she wrote and directed the theatre piece “Call Me Reality” that participated to several theater festivals. The Birthday, her first short film that she wrote and directed in mandarin/english language, has been officially selected from many international festivals (among these Micgenero, Frameline, ShanghaiPride where the film was also nominated for the best cinematography). Connecting Fingers (2015) is her last dance-theatre production. She is now working on the post-production of her documentary When I dance.