La Vera Storia della Partita di Nascondino Più Grande del Mondo

The True Story of the World’s Biggest Hide-and-Seek Game

ITALY / 11 MIN / 2021 / MOCKUMENTARY / HD / 1.85:1 / STEREO / COLOR
Subtitles available: English, Italian, Spanish
Every year, Serravalle Langue is the traditional setting for the World’s Biggest Hide-And-Seek Game. All its inhabitants hide to honor the memory of the partisans who were forced to disappear to save themselves and the Country, during the Resistance. Who will win the Golden Hazelnut this year?
A Serravalle Langhe la tradizione vuole che, ogni anno da più di settant’anni, si giochi la partita di nascondino più grande del mondo. Tutti si nascondono per onorare la memoria dei partigiani che, durante la Resistenza, furono costretti a darsi alla macchia per salvare se stessi e tutto il paese. Chi vincerà quest’anno la Nocciola d’Oro?

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Festivals & Awards
  • Piemonte Documenteur Film Festival (Italy, 2021) – winner Best Short Film, Audience Award (ex-aequo), Distribution award
  • Asti International Film Festival (Italy, 2021)
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Edoardo De Sero, Davide Falletto, Stefania Moraglio, Beppe Fenocchio, Claudia Cagnassi, Marco Rabino, Leyla Russo

written and directed by

Paolo Bonfadini, Irene Cotroneo, Davide Morando

production company

Collettivo Asterisco, Cinelabio


Paolo Bonfadini, Irene Cotroneo, Davide Morando


Paolo Bonfadini, Irene Cotroneo, Davide Morando

art direction

Paolo Bonfadini, Irene Cotroneo, Davide Morando

film editing

Davide Morando

sound design

Davide Morando, Tommaso Manni


Davide Morando

color correction

Alberto Michelotti


Katerina Pimstein

distribution & world sales

paolo's bio

Paolo Bonfadini is an Italian film and TV director and freelance screenwriter. He is currently working as a technical director for Sky Sport 24. He graduated in History at the University of Milan and in Film Directing at Civica Scuola di Cinema L. Visconti. His graduation movie Black Water was presented at Milano Film Festival in 2019. In 2020 he is co-founder of the creative collective asterisco*.

irene's bio

Irene Cotroneo was born in 1996 in Bergamo, Italy. After humanistic studies, she graduated in Production at Civica Scuola di Cinema in Milan. In 2019 she worked for Fremantle Italia as a member of the logistics coordination team during X Factor’s Live. In 2020 she was 2AD for the 2nd season of the TV serie “Nella Scatola Nera”, available on Prime Video. Recently, she has co-founded the creative collective asterisco*.

davide's bio

Davide Morando is an Italian director and editor. He has worked as a freelance Creative Producer for several television networks such as Paramount Network, MTV, Comedy Central and Sky. In 2017 he was nominated for the PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards in Los Angeles. He has directed several short films, including: Sam Body, Gea and Gli Atomici Fotonici starring Giovanni Storti. In 2020 he is co-founder of the creative collective asterisco*.