Destination Paradise

Subtitles available: English, Czech, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish

An illegal Indian immigrant, on his way to his paradisiacal destination: ‘London’, finds himself stuck on a farm in the Czech countryside. He builds an unlikely friendship with his caretaker, who himself is a Ukrainian immigrant. Seeing another immigrant’s struggles, he realizes, that maybe there’s no such thing as a paradise at the end of the road.

Un inmigrante clandestino indio, en camino a Londres, se encuentra varado en una granja en el campo Checo. Allí establece una rara amistad con un inmigrante Ucraino. Viendo como otro inmigrante sufre, se da cuenta que, quizás, su destino no será tan paradisíaco.
Un’immigrante clandestino indiano, in cammino a Londra, si ritrova in mezzo ad una fattoria nella campagna Ceca. Crea un rapporto speciale con il suo custode, un immigrante ucraino. Essendo testimone delle sofferenze di un altro immigrante, si rende conto che forse il suo destino non sarà così paradisiaco come si aspettava.

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Festivals & Awards

Festival Internacional de Cine Lebu (Chile, 2023) – Academy Awards Qualifying Film Festival – Honorable Mention by the Press

16 International Film Festival (India, 2022) – 3rd Award Best Short Fiction

South Asian Film Festival of Australia (Australia, 2023) – Best Director, Best Cinematography

Ayodhya Film Festival (2022) – Best Short Film

12th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Fest (India, 2022) – Best Director

24th Kino na Granicy (Czech Republic, 2022)

Pune International Short Film Festival (India, 2022)

Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival (India, 2022)

Smita Patil International Film Festival (India,2022)

Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival 2023 (India, 2023)

Goa Short Film Festival (India, 2022)

Jaipur International Film Festival (India, 2023)

International Film Festival of South Asia – Toronto (Canada, 2022)

South Asian Film Festival Montreal (Canada, 2022)

FECIR – Festival Internacional de Cine Rengo (Chile, 2022)

Festival Internacional de Cine de Iquique (Chile, 2022)

46th Filmfest Weiterstadt (Germany, 2022)

Visioni Corte International Short Film Festival (Italy, 2022)

Bayelsa International Film Festival (Nigeria, 2023)

CinemaJove (Spain, 2022)

London Indian Film Festival (UK, 2022)


Director’s Notes

Coming to the Czech Republic was the first time I traveled outside of India. After coming to Europe, I saw a high number of people illegally traveling from many countries, and we were surprised to see the number of people coming from India. For them, Europe is a ‘paradise’, but after coming here, they see the reality. Some would live in conditions way worse than what they had left behind. Making this film was our way to give these people, the ones who give up everything & leave, and their experiences a voice. 

Cuando vine a la República Checa, era la primera vez que viajaba fuera del India. Estando en Europa vi muchísimos inmigrantes ilegales de diferentes países, y me sorprendió la cantidad de co-nacionales. Para ellos Europa es el ‘paraíso’, pero una vez acá, ven la realidad. Algunos viven en condiciones paupérrimas, peores de las que dejan atrás. Este film quiere dar voz a sus experiencias y sufrimientos.

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Vansh Luthra, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Hynek Čermák

directed by

Eshaan Rajadhyaksha

written by

Eshaan Rajadhyaksha, Vansh Luthra

produced by

Nadine Julie Weber, Vansh Luthra, Eshaan Rajadhyaksha, Giovanni Robbiano, Lorenzo Rapetti, Giovanni Giusto, Tuhin Pandey

production company

White Silhouette Productions, 010 Films, Julie Weber

executive producer

Kamran Sardar Khan

1st AD

Sheida Sheikha

cinematography by

Ajay Kulkarni

art direction by

Prarthana Gupta

costumes by

Arina Taylasheva

make up by

Tereza Huskova

editing by

Eshaan Rajadhyaksha

sound design by

Petar Mrdjen

original music by

Jan Drábek

world sales and distribution

Eshaan's bio

Eshaan (15/06/1993) is an Indian writer, director, editor and sound recordist based in Prague. Being a graduate from the reputed Prague Film School, he has been a part of various award winning short films. Before coming to Prague, he worked in India on various commercials as a 2nd Assistant Director, Director's Assistant and editor.