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1934, shortsfit, shortsfit distribucion, mocgor, mountain film festival 1934, nuovi mondi, shortsfit, shortsfit distribucion, distribuzione di cortometraggi1934, shortsfit, shortsfit distribucion, distribuzione di cortometraggi

Subtitles available: English, French, Italian, Spanish
Composition for twenty photographs, sound effects, and narrating voice. Twenty pictures taken between spring and summer 1934. A moving love story lost in the past. Mountains as a place of the soul, between Trentino and Südtirol. “1934” is a documentary with many real events and a narrative storyline about romance. It’s a memory of the “old beautiful times” and a sad remembering of the war. It’s a declaration of love for mountains and a statement of the power of photography.
Una conmovedora historia de amor perdida en el pasado. Las montañas, el lugar del alma entre Trentino y Südtirol. Narración compuesta por 20 fotos tomadas entre la primavera y el verano del 1934.

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Festivals & Awards

  • Trento Film Festival (Italy, 2021)
  • SanGiò Verona Video Festival (Italy, 2021)
  • Nuovi Mondi Festival (Italy, 2021)
  • Venice Intercultural Film Festival (Italy, 2021) – Honorable Mention
  • Fano Film Festival (Italy, 2021) – winner Best Documentary Film
  • Analogica (Italy, 2021)
  • Vesuvius International Film Festival (Italy, 2021) – winner Best Sound Design
  • Alpi Giulie Cinema (Italy, 2022)
  • Verona Mountain Film Festival (Italy, 2022)
  • Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival (Greece, 2021) – Honorable Mention
  • 7th Art Independent International Film Festival (India, 2021) – winner Best Documentary Short 
  • Moc Gór Film Festiwal (Poland, 2021)
  • Moscow Shorts (Russia, 2021)
  • Kosice International Monthly Film Festival (Slovakia, 2021) – winner Best Inspirational Film
  • Sweden Film Awards (Sweden, 2021)
  • Screen Power Film Festival (United Kingdom, 2021) – winner Best Historical Film
  • Angaelica Festival (USA, 2021) – winner Best Experimental Short Film
  • Festival Internacional de Cortometraje UVAQ – FICUVAQ (Mexico, 2022)
  • Sestriere Film Festival (Italy, 2022)
  • Wales International Film Festival (UK, 2022)
1934, mountains, mountain film, michele bellio, shortsfit, shortsfit distribucion, distribucion de cortos, distribuzione cortometraggi, cinema italiano

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Michele Bellio (Narrator)

written and directed by

Michele Bellio

produced by

Lanterna Magica snc

film editor

Michele Bellio, Sara Covi

sound design

Massimo Faes

original music

Massimo Faes

distribution & world sales

Michele's bio

Michele Bellio was born in 1985 in Cles (TN - Italy), where he lives. Cinema lover since he was a child, he started producing short films in 2005. In 2006 he founded the Sguardi Cultural Association and created the European Independent Short Film Night, nearing its 15th edition. Graduated in Art and Entertainment Techniques in Venice, he obtained a master’s degree in Cinema Events in Milan. In Turin, where he collaborated with the local Film Commission and various other institutions, he specialized in film directing. Film history teacher at UTETD, since 2011 he has been the artistic director of the Cinema Teatro Cles and since 2017 also of Predaia Municipality’s Theatres. Also in 2017 he founded his own company, Lanterna Magica, and opened a cinema-themed café in Cles. His works have been selected at many national and international film festivals, where he won numerous awards over the last years. Among them, "Mystical Crisis", "Minefield" and "A Romeo".