El cruce de la Pampa

Across the Pampas

ARGENTINA / 88 MIN / 2017 / FICTION / DCP 2K / 1.85:1 / STEREO / COLOR

Subtitles available: English

Alvarito a blind marathon runner and the intellectual Dr. Villafañe are lost in the vast and desolate pampas. One, due to his physical disability, the other on account of a mental problem. Because mind and body are one, the two set out on a personal quest that will become a team effort as they embark on an epic adventure across the pampas. One, seeking to reach his goal, the other trying to find the present, but both longing to find themselves.
Alvarito, un maratonista ciego, y el Dr. Vilafañe, se han perdido en un inmensa  y desolada pampa. Uno por causas físicas, el otro por causas mentales. Cuerpo y razón no viven separados, por lo que emprenden una búsqueda personal que se vuelve conjunta. Así compartirán un épico cruce de la pampa. Uno en busca de la META, el otro en busca del PRESENTE. Ambos para encontrarse a sí mismos.

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Festivals & Awards

  • Indian Cinema Film Festival (India, 2017)
  • FIC FAN Fest (Argentina, 2017) – winner Best Director, Best Script, Best Film, Best Actor
  • Cine con Riesgo (Argentina, 2017) – winner Best feature film, Best actor, Best director, Best script, Best Producer
  • Dhaka Film Festival (Bangladesh, 2018)
  • Festival du film Subversif de Metz (France, 2018)
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Roly Serrano, Gonzalo Urtizberea.

written and directed by

Roly Serrano, Gonzalo Urtizberea

production company

Vista Sur SRL


Álvaro Urtizberea


Mauricio Heredia

film editor

David Bisbano

sound designer

Catriel Bildosola


Lisette Freire Pérez


Joseph Haydn

distribution & world sales


director's bio

David Bisbano is an Argentinian filmmaker. He studied at Escuela Superior de Cinematografía at Buenos Aires. Then he began to work as a photographer and making experimental short films. In 1997 he worked at Pol-Ka a prestigious Argentinian studio. In 2000 his first feature film B corta, participates in many film festivals. In 2002 he begins to direct commercials and in 2013 he directs ‘Rodencia and the Princess tooth in stereoscopic 3d animation, sold to 60 territories. In 2016 he directs Across the Pampas and works on the development of a 3D animation movie Dalia and the red book.