ITALY / 24 MIN. / 2018 / FICTION / HD / 1.66 / STEREO / COLOR

Subtitles available: English, Spanish
In the near future the few survivors to a cataclysm live apart from each other, imprisoned in bunkers connected together only through the network. The desire for human contact leads Sem to interact with Ara, a mysterious “voice” that is weirdly happy to share all her artificial memory.
En un futuro cercano pocos sobrevivientes de una catástrofe viven aislados y separados en unos bunkers conectados solamente a través de una red. El deseo del contacto humano hace que Sem quiera interactuar con Ara, una voz misteriosa y extrañamente feliz de compartir con el toda su memoria artifcial.

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Festivals & Awards
  • gLocal Film Festival (Italy, 2018)
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Francesco Cece Demaria, Ilenia Massa, Elena Griseri

written and directed by

Davide Luchino


Davide Luchino


Sandro De Frina

film editor

Carmine Lo Svelto

sound designer

Federico Manzo


Agnese Selva

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director's bio

Born in Piemonte, Italy, in 1978, Davide Luchino studied cinema at D.A.M.S. in Torino. After university he made some short films and worked some years for television and cinema between Torino and Roma. 'Carmine' is the first film made after ten years from the previous ones, with a crew from Cuneo. 'Carmine' is awarded as best short film at the 2014 Torino Film Festival, for the Spazio Torino section. 'Carmine' is selected for the Social World Film Festival. 'Carmine' is invited to IFAF, a Corean festival about cultural interchanges with Italy. 'Carmine' is selected to be seen on the on demand tv platform InfinityTV. Between 2015 and 2017 realizes ARA, a sci-fi short film. At the moment, he’s living in Torino and preparing a documentary about the world seen from 7 years old children.